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Argan Oil 30 ml

Thanks to its composition, Argan Oil has multiple properties, helping to recover the flexibility and nutrition of the skin.


Argan Oil is very rich in essential fatty acids. Those that stand out for their concentration and properties include Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid. They act on the skin, oxygenating it, providing elasticity and restoring the hydrolipidic layer.

In addition, it contains vitamin E, essential in the treatment of anti-aging, since it neutralizes the free radicals that are formed in our body.

Argan Oil is used in flaky skins. It has an anti-aging effect, oxygenating and regenerating the skin. It provides moisture, shine and relieves skin irritations.

In the hair, Argan Oil can be used as a protective mask against the sun and sea water. It strengthens the hair giving it shine and flexibility.
No parabens.

Instructions for use:

Deposit a few drops on the fingertips and apply to the desired area with a gentle massage.

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