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Cracked heel cream 75 ml

The skin of the feet is harder and rougher than that of the rest of the body. In the drier areas of the feet, which suffer more friction, the skin loses elasticity leading to the formation of cracks, which can be accompanied by soreness and pain of varying intensity.


The cracked heel cream has moisturising and emollient properties, thanks to the concentration of urea and calendula oil contained in the formula. In addition, due to its content in calendula oil and allantoin, it has regenerating and healing properties.

The cracked heel cream should only be used in keratinized areas such as heels, elbows, etc., since due to its high urea content it can reduce the chemical function of the cutaneous barrier, making it easier for chemical substances to enter and thus causing irritation.

Instructions for use:

Apply as needed with a gentle massage until fully absorbed.

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