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Hydrolyzed Collagen 300g


Collagen is the most abundant essential protein in the body. It is found in cartilage, bones and skin. This protein has different functions depending on the tissue in which it is found.

With the passage of time, the collagen present in the tissues is lost, so it is necessary to help maintain the amount of collagen for the proper functioning of our tissues.

The Hydrolyzed Collagen formula contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Magnesium.

Vitamin C is an essential molecule for the body, which is why we must ingest it in our diet as we do not possess the necessary processes to synthesize it. This vitamin is directly involved in the synthesis of collagen.

Hyaluronic Acid is present, along with collagen, in the matrix that encompasses the cells of various tissues, including the skin and joints, playing an important role in their maintenance.

Magnesium is an element that is involved in the formation of most of the proteins present in the body, including collagen.

Instructions for use:

Take 10 grams a day (one flat dosing scoop). Add the product to 200 ml of water, juice, milk or infusions, shake until completely dissolved.

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