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Urine alcohol test 1 test

Urine tests work by detecting a metabolite of alcohol called ethyl glucuronide (EtG). Ethyl glucuronide appears in the blood and urine after alcohol has been metabolized in the body. EtG can only be present in a urine sample if the person has been drinking alcohol. This is an major advantage, as traditional alcohol tests that look only for traces of ethanol can sometimes give a false positive result. This occurs when urine in the bladder has elevated sugar levels and interacts with yeast and bacteria. This is called in vitro ethanol””. Since EtG is produced only when ethanol is metabolized in the liver, EtG will be detected only in subjects who have recently consumed alcohol. Edda Pharma qualitative urine alcohol strips are a fast, highly sensitive and economical method for detecting the presence of alcohol in urine in any individual. This device works in a non-invasive manner and provides quick results.

It provides an approximation of the relative concentration of blood alcohol, cut off being 40mg/dl, and with 99% reliability.

It is easy to use as it does not require special training, as long as the instructions in the leaflet are followed carefully, and it is available in both unit and clinical packaging.

In Spain, Edda Pharma supplies these alcohol tests to the main pharmacies and to the best drug rehabilitation centres in the country.”